Strawberry themed birthday party

Last September 30th my little girl, Sophia, turned 5 years old! And we had a pink strawberry themed birthday party. We had different shades of pink and green decorations, balloons, table cloths and cake, a huge strawberry pinata, strawberry shaped yo-yo cookies, and much more pink strawberries everywhere!

Since we live in a small apartment, and we have a huge extended family we just don’t have the place to host the party. I’m not a huge fan of those places that you pay per person and they do all for you, I really enjoy all the process of making a party so I feel it would be loosing the FUN! So every year we rent an empty place, rent the entertainment, and decorate all by ourselves.

This year I started to plan the party about 2 months ago but the hard work was during the last week when I had to cook all the food (this year the food was homemade pizzas with flavours), bake and decorate cupcakes and cake, make the table center pieces with marshmallows… To say the truth my back hurt a lot last week, but I’m so so happy I did all that, and Sophia and friends had a great time! That’s the only thing that matters.


Strawberry Party table


I used the kit Pink Strawberry complete ABC to make the BANNER with her name. Each pennant was a big strawberry and used a light green ribbon to hold all pennants together.

Print Print


A two floor CAKE, the top floor was fake (styrofoam) ;) it would have been a lot of cake and it saved a lot of time to decorate, since I covered the styrofoam cake with fondant the previous week. I used 4 shades of pink, white and green fondant. It was my second time working with fondant so even if it is not perfect I’m quite happy with the result!

Strawberry cake

The cake topper was a strawberry shortcake my mother did with icing. it was supposed to be strong pink to match with the rest of the decoration but the color got really dark after it dried. Of course Sophia loved it anyway!

Strawberry shortcake cake


A 5 layer cupcake stand with 27 CUPCAKES. I used the pink strawberry cupcake wrappers. Although the cupcake wrappers look empty, there actually were cupcakes inside :) I definitely need to master my Italian meringue :D

Strawberry cupcake wrappers

Basket with FAVOR BAGS. This year I simply used transparent nylon bags filled with pink and green candy and used the pink strawberry tags and green ribbon to close the bag.

Favor bags Favor bags Favor bags


More Candy! Marshmallow brochettes in transparent nylon bags. I printed a few big pink strawberries to decorate the jars.

Print Print


I printed pink strawberries in different sizes and used green ribbon to hold them together to make a garland. I also curled some ribbons to add movement and color.

Strawberry garland Strawberry garland

Strawberry YO-YO COOKIES. I added a few drops of red food color to the regular recipe of cornstarch yo-yo cookies, filled with caramel and rolled through shredded coconut that I previously dyed with red food color. Then used an open star decorating tip to pipe a green icing star as it would be the leaves.

I couldn’t find a strawberry shaped cookie cutter, so I made my own out of an old circular cookie cutter, I simply shaped the circle a little until getting a strawberry-ish shape :D   Strawberry yo-yo cookies Strawberry yo-yo cookies

The center pieces for the guest tables were marshmallows trees. Made of a styrofoam ball (number 5) with marshmallows fixed with toothpicks. I placed 2 brochettes to the bottom of the styrofoam ball and covered with ribbon. Then placed the tree into a long vase full of pink and green rice (I used red and green food color to dye the rice).

Mashmallow centerpiece

I used the tutorial in Sew Can Do to make a strawberry PINATA. I loved the result! Although I must have done too many layers of newspaper because every kid (approximately 20) at the party got the chance to hit the pinata and it did not broke!

Strawberry pinata Strawberry pinata Strawberry pinata

I like old style parties, I remember having so much fun just spending my birthday with friends and family, playing hide-and-seek, jump the rope, pin the tail on the donkey or pin the nose on the clown and that kind of games. Nowadays seems that kids need a huge infrastructure to have fun at a party, every time I see party places offering bigger and better machines for entertainment, but I refuse to believe kids need all that in order to have fun… so we did rent a inflatable game for the kids to jump and then used some simple basic ideas to entertain them during the party.

I took all Sophia’s costumes, and the girls has a great time getting dressed.


I made a “Pin the nose on the Clown” game, I printed a big clown that placed on a metallic board and glued half poly-foam clown nose to a magnet. Here is the result… I think is was the first time the kids got to play this game but they seemed to like it. Hurray!

Pin the nose on the clown

And my sister in law painted their faces.


We had a great time and the birthday girl (a.k.a. Princess Aurora in the picture below) was HAPPY which means everything!

Princess Aurora


Happy Birthday


Spanish theme welcome party

Last week my parents in law came back home after living in Spain for the past 5 years. And 2 days before they arrived I decided to put together a welcome party at home, it was a family party for 20 people. We were a few people but it was a lot to think about in just 2 days! Food, drink, sits and last but not least the decoration, and I will mostly focus on this last point, the decoration…

I came up with a simple idea; a red, white and black polka dot party, inspired on Flamenco outfits. I created a kit including cupcake toppers, wrappers and a “welcome” banner, well actually it was a “bienvenidos” banner that means welcome in Spanish :D

I rushed to the fabric store and got a few yards of white, black and red fabric and quickly serged the edges to make the table cloth. Then just laid them one over the other to cover the table.



I also got black, red and white polka dot balloons and napkins and made some tissue paper poms.




I made some cupcakes and decorated with meringue and the cupcake toppers.




And made deserts in cups, with chocolate cake, whipped cream, caramel and Oreo cookies Yummy!



We had a good time! And even though I would have liked to complete the table with more decoration and handmade stuff, this is all I could come up with in just 2 days and I’m quite happy with the result :D


You can get the printable files from Print Your Fiesta:

get the Flamenco Cupcake kit HERE

get the Red & White Polka Dot Banner HERE


Strawberry time!

We just released 2 new cupcake kits. This kits are insired in the super cute Strawberry Shortcake. So far only the cupcake kits are available, the complete party kit will be coming soon!

Take a look at the pictures!

Strawberry in shades of pink…

Strawberry cupcake Strawberry cupcake Print Print

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Strawberry in red and green…


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Get this kit HERE

Jungle 1st year birthday party

I want to share some pictures of the first party done with one of our kits! It was a 1st year party for the son of one of my best friends. She choosed the jungle theme, so we used the Jungle Party Kit and the colors in the place were all white green.

Here is the cake table. Birthday Table and Banner

The cupcakes. Aren’t this super cute?! I didn’t make the cupcakes and decoration of course, learning cake decoration is still pending for me ;) Cupcakes



The yummy cake!



Favor Bags, mashmallows and candy.

Favor Bags


The bottles labels.

Bottle labels


Bottle labels


Lollipops with toppers printed in sticker paper.


Bags with banana candy.

Banana candy and toppers


This kit also includes place cards, invitation cards and candy wrappers. And now you can get a 40% off on your order from our Etsy shop.


Jungle Party Kit


New kits for baby showers

Shabby baby shower kits in pink and blue.

Shabby pink cupcake kit for baby girls… get the Kit HERE.





And Shabby blue cupcake kit for baby boys… get this kit HERE